Spring 2018 Bus Poem Submission Call!

Poetry Moves on Transit

Aren’t you tired of winter? It’s been a long one. Lots of shoveling, lots of shivering. Warmer, brighter days are on the way!

Listen, while you’re sipping your second glass of prosecco, or contemplating your third venti latte of the week, check this out: The Spring 2018 bus poem submission call is now open. Just hit that link for all the details. Hurry up, though: The deadline for submissions is March 5, 2018. It’s easy to submit! You can tweet, post a snap of your poem on Instagram, or post to our Facebook page. Oh, and you can also use that crusty old communication tool called EMAIL. I know, right? What year is it again?

You have no excuse! Dust off your best gem and send it to us!

Submit your poem today!