Fall 2016 Bus Poem Submissions Open!

You may think you know the city, but do you really know it? I mean, as well as you know your mother, or your consort of choice? Maybe it’s time to show how well you know our humble city by submitting to the fall 2016 flight of The Poetry Route.

The theme this time around is “Unknown Edmonton”. In brief, here’s a blurb from Festival Director Rayanne Doucet:

“We’d like to create an unusual story of the city. ETS vehicles go all over this town, and so should poetry. A poem could be about anything that doesn’t make the guide books or the newspapers – somewhere you work, a playground, a neighbourhood, a historical event.”

Submissions are open until August 25, 2016. Read the complete submission call here.

So get your stories straight and give the ‘ol cracker barrel a shake and tell us about your secret Edmonton places. Do you know about the rope swing on the trail between Capilano and Dawson parks? How about that makeout spot where you got busted in ’85? Super secret treehouse? One sure-fire place to catch a few hours of alone time? An under-the-radar gem of a coffee shop that slings a granite-cracking espresso? That possibly lost place where you stowed a treasure map 35 years ago? Give us the goods with your best poetic reveal.

Submit your poem(s) here →