Fall 2018 Bus Poem Submission Call

Poetry Moves on Transit

It’s time of year again. Your cardigan is resurrected from its summer crypt, your snowblower sharpens its teeth in anticipation, and you grudgingly clutch your giant leaf rake once again. With Edmonton sliding not-so-gently into fall, it’s time to warm up your best poems and submit them for the Fall 2018 round of Poetry Moves On Transit.

The Fall 2018 bus poem submission call is now open. Just hit that link for all the details. Hurry up, though: The deadline for submissions is October 19, 2018.

From the submission page:

In this round of Poetry Moves we’re asking for your poems about any theme or topic. What moves you to write? What do you want to share with the city? We want to learn about your stories. We want to hear your voice. Any free-verse or rhyme you can riff, we want to receive!

Do not delay. Do not dawdle. Do not hedge. Submit your poem here today!