Event Signups are Open

Well, well. It’s that time again. Listen up all you E-Town poets, wordsmiths, slammers, Ravers, Strollers, Olive-ers, sundry ne’er-do-wellers, and anyone with a hankering to get your words off the page. Event signups for the Edmonton Poetry Festival 2012 Edition are officially open.

You can sign up for events here.

Which events can you sign up for? Well, check the signup page above for complete details, but here’s the skinny:

  • Blinks in the Heart · Blink Poetry began in Edmonton and has spread around the world at an unprecedented rate. Word has it that European blink poetry is just like ours, only a little dirtier. Want to see the real McCoy? Sign up to read!
  • Breathe – Zen Poetry · Ratchet your busy life down a notch with this Zen-inspired reading. You don’t need to be familiar with Basho’s Narrow Road to the Interior to enjoy this little respite. Bring gentle words, strong tea, a clear mind and, maybe, a small amount of truth.
  • The Cafe Readings · Poetry and coffee go together like heartbreak and airports. Why not indulge your penchant for drama and sign up to read a poem or two on a Sunday afternoon. Let’s hear what you got.
  • Stroll Workshop · Ah, the mystery event. Those sneaky Strollers. Always keeping us in the dark. If history is any indication, this should be a great little workshop. Last year John Leppard delivered a great one on improving your poetic performance. This year? Let’s find out.

Wait, why are you still reading this? Get on over there and sign yourself up. Please don’t wait. We try to accommodate everyone but sometimes space fills up. Don’t be left wordless in the gutter.

Poets, be fearless in your work. Care immensely about what you put into the world. We need you to be mighty. Don’t wait. The universe won’t.