Bus Poems Submission Call - June 2014

With the Edmonton Poetry Festival well behind us and summer starting to stretch its legs, it’s time once again to open submissions for the next round of The Poetry Route, a PoFest/ETS joint that brings E-Town verse from the page to the streets in the form of bus placards. It’s a lovely thing to think of poetry moving about the city on busses. Small spaces saved from the relentless reach of advertising; poems mingling with the workadays, office denizens, steel toes and Carhartts; poems flitting about in the diesel spew. How would your words perform in such demanding environs?

The theme of this submission call is “Local Harvest”. Just what does that mean? It means what you believe it to mean. It may mean that you enjoy spring’s crop of freshly-grilled hot dogs, served with glee from street corners and storefronts throughout the city. It might reflect your carefully-planned trip to the downtown farmer’s market, or your lazy, late-morning stumble to the Strathcona market, where you browse mostly, but always buy a coffee and a bag of popcorn. It may mean the tangible joy you feel on a Saturday morning wherein, after a work week spent in front of a glowing computer screen, you finally get to sink your hands into the earth. Take the joy you plant with your marigolds and put it on the page. Cut your zucchini before it grows beyond the fence boards and make a poem of it. Consider the shamefully large number of food photos you have posted to Instagram. We want poems about lettuce, steak, french fries, corn dogs, organic carrots, your heirloom eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and the tacos you had at Tres Carnales last week. You up for it?

Send us your food poems, fair city, and you may reap the reward of seeing your delicious syllables on our city’s busses. Don’t go half way – this is as serious as a slug infestation in your raised vegetable beds.

Here are the submission rules and guidelines. The theme is “Local Harvest”. Go to it.

Submission Deadline: July 21, 2014